Franchise Opportunities

Why Choose Basil's Flame Broiled Chicken and Ribs For Your Franchise?

The convenience of fast food and the great healthy benefits and quality of an upscale restaurant is what keeps our customers coming back over and over again. In today’s culture of healthy—but BUSY—lifestyle, Basil's Flame Broiled Chicken and Ribs gives our customers exactly what they are looking for—at a price they can afford. From the minute our customers walk into our open kitchen concept, with the irresistible sight and aroma of fresh grilled chicken and ribs right, they fall in love with Basil’s.

Naturally Delicious

…Farm fresh Grade “A” Chickens, natural herbs and spices, and our famous marinade—there’s nothing else like it! The flame-broiling not only means less fat, less calories, and less cholesterol—but BETTER TASTING chicken. You won’t find battered, fried, frozen, or grease-soaked chicken at Basil’s. Our chicken bridges healthy eating with down to earth, mouth-watering taste.

Not Fast Food, But Healthy Food—Served FAST

Whether our busy, health-conscious customers can dine in or take it on the go—the experience of ordering and watching their order be filled with fresh, hot food—right in front of them—instills confidence and excitement that their meal will be fresh and delicious every time—and they will be on their way or sitting at a table enjoying it in minutes.

Unprecedented Growth…

With 4 locations in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, Basil’s Flame Broiled Chicken and Ribs is growing quickly. With continued media pressure and trends for families to live active lifestyles and eat healthier, Basil’s is rapidly expanding to meet the public demand for more locations, and is now actively seeking qualified individuals to open new locations.

We Have What It Takes—To Make YOU A Success

We offer:

· The name and branding that is synonymous with quality
· The proven formula and recipes for success
· Hands-on training
· Assistance with location selection, floor plans, and equipment, and advertising

Qualified franchisees must have:

· Sound business knowledge and experience
· Enthusiasm and a willingness for hands-on involvement to ensure the success of their location
· Qualified financial investment and liquid

For more information Contact Nick by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Call (941) 795-0840 or (941) 915-2348